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Green Tea Cookies


I’ve had a craving for green tea cookies for a long time. I remember being pregnant with my first son and eating green tea ice cream at a Japanese restaurant and how everything felt better and how all my broken taste buds felt whole. That Matcha green tea flavor has stayed with me every since and finally I created a cookie infused with it.

I cheated and used Trader Joes Matcha green tea Latte powder simply because I didn’t have time to go to another store and buy the plain matcha powder. In the future that is what I would do. But because green tea is such a strong and potentially bitter flavor, I knew I needed to go a little extra sweet on this recipe and the latte powder was already sweetened.


These cookies were deceptively easy to make. I simply added 3 heaping tablespoons of the green tea latte powder to my basic sugar cookie recipe, and threw in several drops of Chlorophyll (which I use as natural food coloring) to intensify the green. I knew the green color would fade when the cookies baked in the oven. The resulting dough was a deep, dark green that my husband joked looked like the skin of the Incredible Hulk. I made basic round cookies and when they came out of the oven the green had lightened and was perfectly evocative of green tea.

I decorated the cookies with simple vanilla royal icing to cut the strong green tea flavor, and sprinkled with lightly toasted sesame seeds.





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