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Rose Cookies


I wanted to experiment with a cookie that was colored starting with the dough rather than just the frosting. I had had success with beet juice coloring so I decided to bake a batch of rose flavored cookies that were also tinted pink. I ended up going pink-crazy!

I started with my basic sugar cookie recipe infused with rose extract and then divided the cookie dough in half. In one half I mixed in finely chopped fresh edible rose petals and rose geranium flowers from my garden. That gave the dough a nice flecked look. The other half I simply mixed in the beet juice coloring so that it was flaming pink. I went quite dark with the pink as I know food coloring fades when cooked.

I then took sections of each dough and tried to create a swirl so that each cookie had some pink and some white flecked dough. Here’s what the cookies looked like before going into the oven.


And here’s what they looked like out of the oven – note how the pink has faded.


I then whipped up a batch of my favorite royal icing recipe, added more rose extract, and beet juice.

The finished cookies had both icing and decorative pink sugar (naturally colored of course!).






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