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Amaranth Whole Wheat Cookies

Cookies are inherently not healthy – a fact we may not like, but there it is. The butter and eggs don’t make up for the dominant ingredients of white flour and sugar. After months of experimenting with proportions, I finally hit upon a blend of flours that make cookies not as disastrous to our health as traditional cookies. Instead of all white flour, I use a delicate blend of all organic white flour, whole wheat pastry flour, and amaranth flour.

Amaranth is made from the seeds of the Amaranth plant, and is high is protein, fiber, and iron, as well as a number of vitamins and minerals. These cookies taste so good, you can’t tell that they’re not as bad for you as regular cookies!

These cookies were rolled fairly thin and topped with decadent melted dark chocolate, and sprinkled with cocoa sugar. In keeping with BakerGoddess’ credo, they are baked on a food-safe stainless steel baking sheet (rather than teflon or aluminum, which are linked to ill-health).





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