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Sandwich Cookies

I recently tried a twist on the Austrian holiday cookie called Linzer cookies with vanilla and chocolate instead of jam and powdered sugar. Using a combination of organic unbleached all-purpose flour and organic whole wheat pastry flour, these cookies are a healthier than standard cookies although they taste every bit as good! I used a good friend’s family recipe for sugar cookie which is a simple combination of flour, sugar, butter, eggs, and vanilla.
Vanilla Linzer
For the chocolate cookies, I simply mixed in unsweetened cocoa powder. I punched out star shapes in half the cookies and baked until they were just barely done.
Chocolate Linzer

Once cooled, I mixed up a simple powdered sugar and milk glaze to sandwich the chocolate cookies, and melted bitter-sweet organic chocolate chips to sandwich the vanilla cookies.
Chocolate Linzer
Vanilla Linzer

…And finally, the finished cookies were stacked and packed, and ready to be shipped off!
Vanilla Linzer


One Response to “Sandwich Cookies”

  1. Sarita K on January 4, 2011 8:18 am

    These cookies were absolutely amazing. They were so rich and full of flavor! Like no cookie I have ever tasted before. Truly divine.




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