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Basic White/Wheat Bread

Basic White-Wheat BreadJust weeks after buying my first Dutch Oven, I learned about the No-Knead Dutch Oven method for baking bread and immediately began experimenting. With about 5 minutes of actual working time, and 20-24 hours of just letting the dough rise on its own, I was able to create stunning crusty loaves of artisan bread that tasted better than anything I could find at a store. I have never bought a loaf since then!
Plain Bread
My favorite combination of flours is half white flour and half ‘white-whole wheat.’ But all white, and all wheat loaves are great too! After perfecting the basic loaf, I developed a number of variations (see links on the right). For all my breads, I use King Arthur Organic white and Organic White Whole Wheat Flours.
Basic White-Wheat Bread





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